Terms & Conditions

Unfortunately, I can’t attend the lesson in week 3 because I am on a yoga retreat in Bali. What now?

Oh no! I’m sure you really miss learning SQL.

In case you miss a course, no worries, we will send you a recording. You can also always contact:

max@cognitasbootcamps.com or tiesb@cognitasbootcamps.com with any questions.
If we can’t explain it to you via email, we can schedule a chat before the next session so that you keep learning!

Basically, book that yoga retreat if you want to.

Something serious has happened in my life, and I am now unable to take or finish the course. Can you help me?

We can send multiple recordings, and you can join one of the following cohorts for the sessions that you missed. We run a cohort every eight weeks, so you won’t have to be without our dad jokes for long.

If the event is prohibiting you from learning with us for more than four months, we can provide you with a full refund. Pinky promise. But you’ll be in our hearts five-ever.

Acceptable Behaviour
Data science is dry, but our courses should be fun places that are inclusive to everyone that wants to learn and improve themselves. There is no space for harassment, bullying or otherwise threatening language towards anyone in our course. If this happens, we retain the right to remove you from the class without a refund.

Thankfully, this is all very hypothetical and we’ve never had anyone be mean during our classes (2 years and counting)!

I don’t like dad jokes, and the cases are too dry for me.

Liar liar, pants on fire. Everyone loves a good pun.