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SQL For Analysts Full Masterclass

If you can barely spell SQL, but need to become an expert ASAP - this is what you’ve been dreaming of.

In 14 hours of live teaching spread over 7 weeks, you will go from zero to hero. After, you’ll be able to write advanced SQL like multiple joins, subqueries and with statements.

You’ll also learn how to automate boring spreadsheet work, which will make you the favourite person at the office.

You’re welcome.

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Intermediate SQL for Analysts

Only have about 8 hours to invest, but still want to learn SQL? This is the course for you.

This short course takes you from a complete rookie to being able to use SQL effectively. We cover all the essentials like filtering and joining multiple datasets together.

We even pinky promise it’s going to be fun.

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Advanced SQL for Analysts

If you already know basic SQL (e.g. joins, subqueries), this course will take you from good to great.

We cover a.o. arrays, cross joins and working with messy data. You will apply these concepts in real-life case studies (incl. detecting fraud in a large dataset).

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Building Dashboards in CRM Analytics

The curriculum is designed to effectively prepare you for how you can use the back-end code (SAQL) of the analytics tool CRM Analytics. SAQL allows you to fully customise your CRM Analytics dashboards beyond the standard point-and-click functionality.

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Python for Data Analysis

Looking to learn your next programming language, but little to no coding background? We teach the power of python through real-life cases to automate data prep, run simulations and visualise data to extract insights.

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If your company works with Tableau and you are looking to visualise and extract insights from data in a rapid and no-code way? This course will get you up and running with Tableau within 10 hours!

Doesn’t sounds like a bad deal right?

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SQL & SAQL Course

The course introduces you to working in a database, how to query data from the database, and how to use this data to build dashboards in CRM Analytics

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